Penulis - Firman Nugraha

Firman Nugraha

Editor-in-Chief Gadgetren yang sudah belasan tahun berpengalaman di dunia teknologi khususnya handphone. Awalnya ia pernah menjadi developer aplikasi Android di Nexian dan kini terjun ke dunia media.

Di Gadgetren ia aktif menulis review produk mulai dari handphone, tablet, hingga smart home. Selain itu juga ia menulis opini seputar dunia teknologi.

Firman sudah lama mereview produk teknologi sejak zaman Blackberry masih menguasai Indonesia dan Android baru awal-awal masuk.

Sekarang di mana teknologi semakin canggih dan mendekati film-film Sci-Fi, ia rajin mencoba produk-produk teknologi baru dengan antusias.

Kesukaannya terhadap dunia teknologi sudah dimulai sejak kecil dan semakin difokuskan ketika beranjak kuliah di CCIT Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia dan Politeknik Negeri Jakarta.


Gadgetren's Editor-in-Chief boasts years of extensive experience in the field of technology, particularly in the realm of cell phones. He began his career as an Android app developer at Nexian and later transitioned into the world of writing and media.

At Gadgetren, he frequently authors product reviews covering a wide range of devices, including cell phones, tablets, and smart home gadgets. Additionally, he shares his insights and opinions on various technological topics.

Firman has been reviewing tech products for an extended period, starting back when Blackberry was dominant in the Indonesian cell phone industry and Android was still in its infancy. Today, as technology continues to advance, approaching the futuristic concepts depicted in Sci-Fi movies, he eagerly embraces new technologies.

His passion for technology ignited from a young age and deepened during his time in college, where he pursued degrees at the CCIT Engineering Faculty of the University of Indonesia and the State Polytechnic of Jakarta.